Total Relaxation

Niyama Overwater Deluxe Pool Villa

I must ask… where is your favorite place for total relaxation?

Niyama Maldives – Heaven on Earth


Yes… it is true! Niyama Resort & Spa here in the Maldives is truly paradise.

Looking forward to sharing some more images from here with everyone… But it’s time to go enjoy this place a little bit more if that is even possible.

Just Add Jewels

Hi all… It’s been so long since I have put a post up, but I have to start changing that starting……… now!

Anyone like a one of a kind handmade jewellery box? I recently shot some images of these two little beauties.

R.D. Spagnolo 4

Selective Colouring by Mother Nature


I would have thought that I was seeing in black & white if the sky was not such a beautiful blue while shooting in Game of Thrones country around the Mývatn district in Northern Iceland.

The Glory of Goðafoss

Goðafoss Godafoss - Waterfall of the Gods

A few posts back, I showed you a peek from Behind The Lens at Goðafoss – Waterfall of the Gods. This is the image that I was taking of this amazing waterfall in the Mývatn district, Northern Iceland.

Goðafoss or Godafoss was named after Christianity became the official religion of Iceland around the year 1000, and the lawspeaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði, threw statues of the Norse Gods into the waterfall.

Rarely Disappointed

Rarely Disappointed at the Jetty

The Jetty is usually a nice vantage point to watch a sunrise from… and this morning did not disappoint in any way.

No matter where else I seem to travel in the world, I always love shooting seascape images around Coffs Harbour.

*Edit… this is my 400th post…. Woooooo! Thank you everyone for coming and checking out my images. :D

The Troll


The troll Hvítserkur, forever frozen in time.

Legend is that the rock formation is a troll that was caught by sunrise and turned to stone.  The formation is also known as Dinosaur Rock, and located in Northern Iceland.

I don’t normally do a lot of B&W landscapes, but this one just works for me.

Getting the Shot in Game of Thrones Country

Getting Cold in Myvatn

Sometimes you have to go that little bit further to get the shot you want… It was a little cold getting this shot so didn’t hang around too long in this position.

Taken in Mývatn around where they shoot some of the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones’.  Another stunning area to put on the must see list when you visit Iceland.

Getting the Shot

Seeing the Sights


The famous Kirkjufell located beside the township of Grundarfjörður on Snæfellsnes peninsula. So many beautiful little spots around this area of Iceland… Happy Friday all!

Hiding Under Fjalljokull

Hiding Under Fjalljokull

Standing in an ice-cave as large as this one is one of the most amazing views I have ever had. Like I have said, the play on light coming though the glass-like walls and roof is simply a sight to behold.

What do you do when you see a river flowing under millions of tonnes of ice? You attempt a panorama while standing in the river of fast flowing water course! I was not 100% happy with the reflections and shape of the roof, so I got the shot above which I like much more. What do you think… which is your preferred viewpoint?

Swept Away at Fjalljokull

Shooting Dreams

Shooting Dreams

Shooting Dreams in Þingvellir. Oh how I wish I was back here now… In Thingvellir National Park shooting the northern lights.

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