Seeing the Sights


The famous Kirkjufell located beside the township of Grundarfjörður on Snæfellsnes peninsula. So many beautiful little spots around this area of Iceland… Happy Friday all!

Hiding Under Fjalljokull

Hiding Under Fjalljokull

Standing in an ice-cave as large as this one is one of the most amazing views I have ever had. Like I have said, the play on light coming though the glass-like walls and roof is simply a sight to behold.

What do you do when you see a river flowing under millions of tonnes of ice? You attempt a panorama while standing in the river of fast flowing water course! I was not 100% happy with the reflections and shape of the roof, so I got the shot above which I like much more. What do you think… which is your preferred viewpoint?

Swept Away at Fjalljokull

Shooting Dreams

Shooting Dreams

Shooting Dreams in Þingvellir. Oh how I wish I was back here now… In Thingvellir National Park shooting the northern lights.



Hrafnabjargafoss in all its winter glory. How often can you stand on a frozen waterfall and take a photo of another?

After visiting Aldeyjarfoss, It was a hard ask to be impressed with another waterfall, but with spectacular icicles formed around the entire edge Hrafnabjargafoss delivered.

Shot with Lee Pro Glass 3 stop ND, 3 Stop Soft ND Grad, & Heliopan 105mm Slim Mount Polariser

A Feast for the Eyes…. Aldeyjarfoss

AldeyjarfossMay I present a feast for the eyes…. Aldeyjarfoss! One of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen, and well worth the effort to get to during winter. Currently working on a 600 megapixel stitched version of this shot.

Tasting Iceland


I have been wanting to do this for a while before I arrived in Iceland, and today I had both the chance and courage to do so.

Hákarl – or fermented shark, is a local delicacy I guess you could say… there are those that love it, and then most normal people hate it. :D

It is made from Greenland or Sleeper Shark. Once caught it is buried for a while, and then hung to ferment for months on end… Check out Bizarre Foods youtube clip on Hákarl here


It really was not as bad as what I thought it would be. Another thing ticked off the bucket list… Hákarl – Yummo!

Behind The Lens at Goðafoss – Waterfall of the Gods

Sneak Peak of Goðafoss - Waterfall of the Gods

I had a fantastic day of shooting at Goðafoss here in Northern Iceland today, and also visited some areas where the TV Series ‘Game of Thrones’ was filmed. The area around the Mývatn district is covered in a blanket of fresh snow, and everything else  aside… the scenery is spectacular to say the least.

Meanwhile, my gear has held up to everything it has had thrown at it including rain, snow, and now ice. I am always so careful with my gear, and don’t mind spending a little more for quality. This trip has tested it all. You know it is cold when your camera has ice on it… That isn’t water, trust me – it’s ice!

Just Horsing Around In Iceland

Icelandic HorsesI have so many photos to go through, but instead I spent the afternoon hanging out with these guys having a laugh. Such cheeky characters & so very beautiful.

Aurora Borealis… Get In Me!

My First Meeting With Aurora BorealisSo, I have many other images to share here from Iceland, but I am way too excited not to share this. My first sighting of the northern lights after a last minute decision and the clouds finally lifting. Five minutes before this it was snowing, and I was just about to pack up.

This is what I came to Iceland to see… but now I want more! Fingers crossed the weather stays good.

Inside Mýrdalsjökull

Inside Mýrdalsjökull

While I was tripping around Mýrdalsjökull glacier here in Iceland, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot an ice cave. The brief period I was there I was in awe. The textures, curves and colours blew me away and was unlike anything I have ever seen, while the play on light coming though the ice and reflecting from the entrance left me wanting to discover every ice cave and photograph them all…. wow! This place just gets better and better every day.

Welcome to Iceland

Seljalandsfoss From Behind

Well, I made it here… Welcome to Iceland. After only a couple of months of full on planning I am here for almost 3 weeks in total, and am just getting into the swing of things. The place is unbelievably beautiful, but the weather has not been playing so nice.

There are waterfalls around every corner, and the 2 large ones I have visited so far are Seljalandsfoss – which you can walk behind, and the famed Skógafoss, which is a very impressive sight to behold.


Then was on to check out Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. The only way to get here is by Super Jeep. These things are massive and have a monster truck like stance with 46″ tyres. They are unstoppable in the snow and ice, and now I really really want one. :-D

Super Jeeping in Iceland

Mýrdalsjökull is easily one of the most awe inspiring spots I have ever seen.  I am leaving most of my processing of images until I return home to make the most of my holiday… but trust me, the place is incredible.

On The GlacierMýrdalsjökull Glacier

I will be posting updates of my travels, so keep your eyes open for more from Iceland.

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