Project 365 5/365

Things that I did learn on 11/11/2011…

What a day… The main things I can take away from today’s wedding at Gleniffer are;

1) Do not to leave your keys in a car that automatically locks itself.

2) Do not leave 99% of your camera gear in said car, especially when it is required for the impending formal photos.

3) If you require spare keys… try to have them on hand… not 45 minutes to an hour away on an important day like this.

4) All brides should be as gorgeous as Theresa… and definitely as easy-going! It made for an absolutely wonderful day.

In the end, the formal pics were shot at 2 of the 4 locations with one camera and a 50mm lens until a spare set of keys arrived. Not quite what I had in mind… but it worked.

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