Project 365 45/365

I have finally sat down and started a bit of a ‘Bucket List’ for my travels/photography… Its far from finished, but I think it is a good start. 🙂

A Few Places I Have Been… A Few More Than Once

New Zealand – North Island.
Los Angeles – Disneyland is great… even for big kids! 😛
Las Vegas – Party by night, sight see by day.
Northern Ireland
Thailand – Such a diverse range of things to see and do is hard to beat.
Dubai – High Tea in the Sky Bar at Burj Al Arab, and the observation deck at Burj Khalifa are a must do!
Italy – Just simply charming. Gorgeous architecture and a postcard view everywhere you look.
Greece – Awesome for shopping in Athens.
Greek Islands – Stunning!
Egypt – Must. Go. Back!
Israel – Wow… So busy.

Check out my Gallery for some travel shots, but here are a few more – most are not in my main gallery.

All the places I have been, I would definitely go back to given the chance. You never seem to have enough time to take it all in.

My Ever Growing List Of Places To See

New Zealand – South Island
New York – New Years Eve at Times Square
San Francisco
Cook Islands
Bora Bora
Peru – Machu Picchu
Germany for Oktoberfest
Most of Europe – really too much to list here!

So… what does everyone think? Am I off to a good start, and is there anything that you have seen that should be on my list?

5 thoughts on “Project 365 45/365

  1. Sweet list, Cool photos! I start a 6 month adventure next year. Photography and Travel go so well together – Can’t wait!!

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