Project 365 60/365

Tested out my new graduated filters today, and I was impressed. They let me equalize the bright sky to the darker ocean and foreground. The above photo has very little post processing, and no HDR was needed.

Three things made my afternoon sour.

1) I turned my camera on to find a very flat battery with no spare in my bag ( I have 4 spare in my other bag). Not good when I wanted to do some testing.

2) I was standing on a rock and was completely swamped by a freak wave on this very flat day as you can see. Everything got wet! Camera, bag, filters, tripod, me – everything! Lol… all I could do was laugh. 🙂

3) Battery was flat, everything was wet, so I packed up and left. As soon as I got back on the highway, the clouds went a beautiful pink/orange colour. I just laughed again… it’s about all I could do.

Just was not my day. 😀

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