Project 365 77/365

Here are a few shots from another early morning at Likuliku Lagoon Resort… Just before sunrise. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Project 365 77/365

  1. Ravishing photos!! I’m quite drawn into he first one since you create such a tantalizingvanishing point which is nicely festooned with lights. You’ve got me salivating over the thought of Fiji now.
    How long are/ were you there for?

  2. Thanks All! 🙂
    Emily – I was only there for a little over a week, and it was no where near enough time – It was just a tease! Though, all I was wanting was a relaxing holiday, and I was relaxed straight away when I arrived, I just wanted to stay there on those white sand beaches, and soak up the sun some more… It is paradise! 😀

  3. If there’s one picture that says “eternal bliss and happiness,” this would be it. What an amazing place. I wish to greet the sunrise everyday overlooking the still ocean and a sky with lights that glowed straight to me heart. Beautiful!

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