Project 365 85/365

Success! I have worked out what my problems with stitching my panoramas together were, and have found a way around it.

What actually was causing the problem in Photoshop CS5 Photomerge was the sections in the middle of the above picture (4 photos wide) did not have enough detail to stitch together automatically. It was causing it to split the photo in 2, in between the boats in the middle. I searched for some alternatives, and found Hugin.  It’s a free program, and worked first go too 🙂

Hugin offers a lot more options, and even the option of adding manual control points… but this stitched automatically without even thinking about it. I have not been pixel peeping and checked any of the joins, but was impressed with the fact that Hugin did what Photoshop couldn’t. Full size looks impressive 🙂

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