Project 365 96/365

I tried out some product styled shots on my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM lens. I wanted to get the umbrella reflection (Canon 580EXII & shoot through white umbrella) on the front element – so I got that close to what I was after first, then I added some fill camera left via another Canon 580EXII.

The two flashes were fired via wireless pocketwizards TT5 on each flash, and controlled by a TT1 and AC3 ZoneController on camera with 100mm L IS Macro Lens.

Now that I am looking at this shot, to make it what I wanted, I’m thinking;

I need a larger table to work with

More background separation from the subject.

2 flashes though umbrellas to camera right separated for more even light and to get a better reflection

1 flash in a softbox for fill on the left.

Adjust from there! …oh well – next time 😀

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