Project 365 100/365

I made it to 100!

100 Posts in, and I’m actually a little surprised that I am still going ;). Sure, I am a few days behind – but I am catching up. I hope everyone is still enjoying looking at my photos.

My learning curve has gotten quite steep. I find I am learning most on the post processing side, as well as my technique is getting smoother, and I am taking less photos to get the results I want. As long as I am learning more, I am quite happy taking more and more photos.

9 thoughts on “Project 365 100/365

  1. Wow!! it’s so amazing, Ian 🙂 Where is it?

    Anyway, thank’s for following me back. I also love photography ! But I don’t have any courages yet to show my work to people. I’m still the beginner. Hho.. Hope I could learn it more through your blog. Next time I’ll share my own captures too.. 🙂

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