Day 120 – New Vs Old

We take a step back in time as we look at a New Vs Old photo of Coffs Harbour Jetty. The old picture (black and white section) is actually a photo of a photo taken by then local photographer Richard Thompson, in April of 1984 I believe, the day before the removal of the old cranes from the iconic Coffs Jetty.

5 thoughts on “Day 120 – New Vs Old

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  2. Last visit (Nov 2011) the inner harbour was full. I found hlnoidg between the jetty and inner harbour wall not good enough to hold against wind plus some reverse power in a 25 kn north-easterly, so did not feel safe enough anchored there to go ashore. To the south of the jetty, side on swells, although small made life difficult so we took a berth inside when one became available. In retrospect, it might have been better nearer the southern breakwater with a stern anchor out (if necessary) to hold her bow on.Otherwise I agree with Mike. However, there is a diesel bowser on the fish co-op wharf if you can afford the price. But doesn’t the servo just over the rail line and to the right (before the shops Mike mentions and beside the liquor store) sell diesel?

    • It has always been a bit of a poorly designed harbour with the southern breakwall not extending to the east quite enough, but not much we can do about that now. 🙂 It can get pretty rough during storms. I am almost certain the serice station you mention sells diesel, but there is also one just over the hill towards Coffs City Centre that most boat owners use.

  3. I came across your blog after flwoloing a link from the council’s new creative services directory. Thanks for the great ideas! We have newly moved to the Coffs Coast and just starting to explore the area. I’m going to subscribe to your blog so that I can get regular ideas for great places to check out.

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