Day 121 – Glenreagh Mountain Railway

A few shots I just processed around the old Glenreagh station of Glenreagh Mountain Railway. This is the area I used for the family shoot here. Definitely a very interesting place to explore, so may have to head back there at some time for another shoot.

4 thoughts on “Day 121 – Glenreagh Mountain Railway

  1. Nice shots. Love the sky in the station shot. What’s the access to the area like and is there a fee to shoot there? Love to do a star trail there some time if access is easy.

    • Thanks Scott. Access was really easy, but they have since put up a gate on the access track, so you can’t drive all the way in there now. Not sure if you could get around the gate… but it is only a short walk from the road anyway. It is a pretty popular spot for photographers – from landscapes to fashion shoots, and I don’t know of anyone that has paid to shoot out there. I have seen a few startrails done out there, and they do turn out well. Every time I get a chance to do startrails, it is clouded over! Good luck. 😀

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