Day 127 – Calibration Haven

I have known my monitors have had calibration issues ever since I setup dual monitors and both showed slightly different colours and contrast… no more I say! With getting more and more into photography, I have realized the need for my monitors to show true colours – that is where the Spyder steps in.

I finally purchased Spyder4 Elite, a monitor calibration tool that comes with software, that will hopefully put the end to me opening a file on another monitor and being disappointed with how it looks. I will see you all on the other side of colour perfection.

3 thoughts on “Day 127 – Calibration Haven

    • It was very easy to use and worked great. It took about 4-5 minutes for each monitor, and the software guided me though the whole thing. Colours now look exactly the same on both monitors, and even appear to match in most image programs I have looked at.

  1. I’m often disappointed with my prints, and it’s due to my screen not being calibrated. I have no excuse, I work at a pro photo lab and could bring home the calibrator. I think next week I’ll do just that. Thanks for prompting and reminding me. Color profiling works wonders too.

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