Day 138 – Handheld Moon

The moon was so bright on Friday. The full moon looked awesome, and even though it’s not one of my greatest moon shots, I still like it. This shot was taken handheld – not on a tripod.

5 thoughts on “Day 138 – Handheld Moon

  1. Well, you might not think it’s one of your best, but I like it. I usually take my moon photos by holding my camera up to the eyepiece of my telescope and hoping for the best LOL (Sometimes I get a really nice shot but I’m sure you could easily beat me 🙂 )

      • Yes but I had a regular point-and-click camera and found if you just played with the settings and hoped for the best, you could still get some pretty cool pics 🙂

        You can also get an eyepiece adapter that feeds directly into your computer – basically a webcam – and that allows you to get some amazing astrophotography done. It’s on my to-do list… I just need to get my personal life sorted out first…

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