Day 234 – HDR Sunrise Pop

I really like the ‘pop’ that HDR photography can give a scene. Looking at this one now though I think I may have pushed it a little far.

6 thoughts on “Day 234 – HDR Sunrise Pop

  1. I love what you do, but for me this is a little too much. I don’t think it blends as well as a complete picture but that doesn’t reduce my interest in wanting to see what you post next! 🙂

    • I know… I know – Sorry. :p I had to post it though – see, it will now serve as a constant reminder for me to be more careful with my HDR images. It looked good in Photomatix, but was not exactly what I had envisioned, so I pushed it a little more, and not so good after that. 😦 Thanks for giving me another chance.

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