Day 246 – Run of Bad Luck

It does appear that my run of bad luck with equipment lately is continuing. While on a shoot over the weekend, I went to attach my much-loved Sigma 50mm lens to the body, and the front element just fell off. I was lucky enough to catch it though so all was not entirely lost. No stress… these things happen. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 246 – Run of Bad Luck

  1. It amazes me how durable cameras are. When I fell off that step with my camera slung over my shoulder, I fractured my knee and foot but my camera–with lens and flash attached–didn’t suffer a scratch.

    Hope you lens is all better. 🙂

    • It is quite amazing, they can take a good deal of abuse that is for sure! You were lucky in the sense that you camera was ok, but not so lucky with your knee and foot. Who would have thought photography was such a dangerous hobby? 🙂

      As for my lens, it looks as though it will be repaired under warranty.

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