Day 267 – Glenreagh Train Painting

This was a rushed setup after hearing the train coming but it worked out quite well. We found a few new places for light painting as well, but the old railway station at Glenreagh is still one of my favorites.

It played out like this… We heard the train coming, I ran 100m or so to the above location just before the train came into view from the left and put my camera & tripod down. Without really having time to frame it up, I opened the shutter and and as soon as the front of the train passed then strolled over to the building in the complete darkness, and went through each room (while trying not to fall through the holes in the floor without using a torch), with a flash and different coloured gels giving it a few clicks in each room. This gives the different colours in each room, and keeps me hidden from the photograph. Daniel then painted the front of the building with a LED lenser torch quickly to shed some light on the scene, It was around a 6 minute exposure this one.

Over the 4 hours of the night I think We took about 18 photos at 4 different locations – 8 are probably keepers. 😀

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