Day 275 – Have To Clean My Filters More

I really should clean my filters more but it becomes difficult sometimes when out and about rushing to photograph during the best light. I do it after almost every time I am out shooting, but on windy days like today I only got a few shots without spots over them becoming visible in the image.

I did swap my filters out but it wasn’t enough by the time the nicest light appeared. I finally ended up shooting this one with a 3 stop hard edge graduated ND, and a 1 stop soft edge graduated ND filter to even out the light.

6 thoughts on “Day 275 – Have To Clean My Filters More

    • Thank you Bella. I’m sure I could save the photo if I had to but tomorrow is another day. It is harder to ‘spot’ 🙂 at this size – but look at the tree line on the beach and you should be able to see a few.

  1. Beautiful colours, beautiful clouds, beautiful sea & fuzzy waves, beautiful composition. Simply beautiful. Anything there that gives away that I love this photo…?!

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