Day 282 – Coffs Jetty Lightning

It was a great night storm watching with a spectacular display of mother natures power, for me starting at Sawtell before the sunset, and making my way into Boambee Beach. After seeing a lot of action in skies to the west, I quickly moved to the northern end of Jetty Beach, where I viewed the height of the storm pass overhead. I moved to the northern breakwall as the storm passed, but my favorite photographs from the afternoon/evening were definitely in the harbour.

Heavy rain and even some hail was not deterring me from trying to capture these images. I’m sure those that spotted me thought I was absolutely crazy – after all, that lightning was getting rather close at some stages, and I did end up a little wet.

I love that moment when you know you have the shutter open capturing the light – or lack there of, and a spectacular strike comes across the sky. Let me know if you have a favorite.

13 thoughts on “Day 282 – Coffs Jetty Lightning

    • Thank you. Makes it worth while when you even get that one great image. I am lucky in the area that I live in – there was barely a cloud in the sky the very next morning. 3 & 4 are my favorites as well, I just wished I could get a wider view. I needed a 360 camera! 😀

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