Day 283 – Wash Out

This right here, is what the moment looks like after having your shoes thoroughly washed out by a wave. 😀

I was waiting for a wave to wash up underneath the tripod, and I guess I did get that. I just was not expecting a wave so big,

The lengths some photographers go to for a shot…

8 thoughts on “Day 283 – Wash Out

  1. The wave going under your tripod helps to make the photo tho!
    In a crazy way, I like it when those types of things happen – so caught in the moment & focused on capturing what you can already see in your mind & then you get soaked (but you get the photo)! Makes one feel alive!

    • Thank you Roo. I love a crazy moment too, and makes you really appreciate the photo when you do get it. I didn’t exactly have an option where I was standing, it was a case of hang on and hope for the best… but still get the photo of course! 😀

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