Day 287 – Backwash

Although not from lack of trying, I have not got an image from today that I feel is up to my usual standard. So instead I have decided to post another image from a sunrise last week and hope that either a) no one notices, or b) you can forgive me! 😀

In other exciting news (for me anyways), my Lee Big Stopper is en route! For those that don’t know about them, it’s a neutral density filter that reduces light entering your lens by about 10 stops, allowing slower shutter speeds for those long exposures that I simply love. Daytime long exposures… oh yeah!

7 thoughts on “Day 287 – Backwash

  1. You are definitely forgiven Ian, although if you’re anything like me I bet your images from today aren’t as bad as you think they are.
    I am so jealous about the Big Stopper. I’ll have to get me one of those one of these days.
    Until the sunrise…

  2. Thank you. They probably are not to bad, but I like to have some sort of standards 🙂
    I kind of jumped in the deep end with the big stopper. Maybe a 3 stop ND would have done the job, but more is better right? lol

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