Day 291 – Focus On Me

My 50mm has finally been delivered after being repaired. After taking a few check shots and thinking the focus might be a little bit off, I did a quick focus test.

The chart I used is available for download at Focus Test Chart along with giving you instructions on how to check your focus.

It looks as though I may have a very slight front focus at this distance, but my setup wasn’t that great so I am ok with that until I do a few real world tests.

When up close, with a depth of field of about 3-4mm wide open at f1.4, I think it is pretty important to have confidence that your focus is spot on.

4 thoughts on “Day 291 – Focus On Me

  1. You’re absolutely right Ian. There is nothing worse than getting your macro photos up on the computer just to realise that the perfect shot is slightly off focus! Had my fair share of those in the past, but yours seems pretty spot on. Would love to see some macro stuff from you if you decide to do any…

    • Ooooh… Macro is a world that I have not yet dived into too much. I really should since I dropped hard earned cash on a dedicated macro lens and all. To be perfectly honest though I really don’t like bugs and spiders… haha. Maybe I just need to find some macro photography subjects that are not going to creep me out. 😀

  2. Yeah, what is that? You send your lens/camera in for calibration and it comes back not spot on. Just happened to me when I sent it in a month ago for repair, was fixed. Then just sent it in again and it said the autofocus was off. Go figure….

    • I have heard a lot of people have the same troubles getting it right after sending cameras and lenses away for calibration. Might just depend if you get an employee on a good or bad day sort of thing. You are using a 60D right…. Can you adjust the focus shift yourself in the camera menu? I had a quick look through the 60D manual and couldn’t find anything on it but I know I can do it on my 7D.

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