Day 298 – Long Exposures During Daylight

I have had a few days now playing around with my latest filter, the Lee Big Stopper, and I am still surprised at the amount of light this thing soaks up.

There is no composing the shot while you have the filter attached – looking through the viewfinder simply gives you the impression you still have your lens cap on. It is a case of composing and getting an idea of the shutter speed required, slot in the filter, and for most of my shots I have been using bulb mode and a remote shutter release for exposures between 1-4 minutes. I have not tried using live view yet but I assume it would have limits as well if it does work.

I had not had the chance to test it out during strong light, so I headed to the beach this morning to see if really long exposures were still possible after the sun had come up. I used a 3 stop hard grad ND filter to tone down the sky and keep some colour along with the Big Stopper, and was still getting exposures of over 30 seconds about an hour after sunrise.

I was happy with knowing I could get that sort of long exposure with this strong light, I am not sure when I will use it in strong sunlight, but you never know… I am sure I will find a reason now I have the option. For the shot above I opened up the aperture a little, and boosted the ISO to 400 for a 6 second exposure just to get some shape to the water coming over the rocks.

19 thoughts on “Day 298 – Long Exposures During Daylight

  1. Have no idea how you got your hands on a big stopper. They’re now 6 months back order. I’m definitely going to save this post with your tips for when I can get one. Such beautiful effect.

    • Prices here can be crazy, so I ordered mine from B&H. It was the cheapest I could find by far that had stock, even with shipping to Australia. I know a lot of the stores I looked at in the UK were out of stock and have been for a long time. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Simply, Stunningly, Beautiful. I love this so much and it is so incredibly inspiring, thank you so much for sharing your work!

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  3. Excellent! Until reading this I didn’t even know about the Big Stopper. 10 stops! Cripes! Now that’s a low transmission filter.

    Do you find the color rendition to be pretty uniform through this? It truly is neutral? Also, do you see any signs of light leak through the Lee filter holder?

    Thanks again, Ian.

    • Thanks for reading Tom.

      Oh yeah… It is called the Big Stopper for a reason alright! 😀

      Colour rendition is pretty much perfect with no noticeable colour cast yet.

      There is a foam gasket on one side of the filter to stop light leaks. I have always used it in the space closest to the lens as recommended, and have not seen any form of light leaking in.

      Cheers. 🙂

  4. Very nice! I got a Hoya 9x one for the Venus transit back in June and the upcoming eclipse (the big stopper was going to be too hard to get). I’m quite happy with it but yet to try it for other things, perhaps I should. Though if I can’t fix the dent on the end of my lens I will be stuck with my telephoto.

    • It is definitely good for other things, but that is a great idea for sure, thanks Stef.
      A lens with a dent does not sound good at all… Dropped or fell off a tripod? Good luck! 🙂

      • Dropped, though not from a great height. May have had a couple of beers… oops :S
        Luckily only a dent on the end of the metal rim, doesn’t affect the images, just can’t fit a filter or hood in.

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