Day 302 – Life’s Little Lessons

Why would I need to take my filters with me? I am only taking my camera in case a storm happens while I am out tonight!

This is what I said to myself this afternoon, as I left my bag of every single one of my filters sitting at home. After all it was a dull day with rain pouring from the sky for the major part of it. 20 minutes later, this was happening. Lets back up a little though… a key event also happened 5 minutes before this.

After deciding it may be a decent sunset and rushing down over the rocks like a mad man, I spotted a rather good vantage point of the rock just to the left of the above photo, with some nice gentle waves flowing over it. I thought I would be awesome and be able to get a photograph of this taking place before the next big set rolled in – I was a little wrong, and soon wet from the waist down. I thought it was quite funny! 😀 What I didn’t bother to check was my lens – which was now covered in a fine mist. Shooting most of the shots after that at a small aperture to get a long shutter speed (no filters remember…) caused very spotted pictures. I only got a few alright pictures as the light faded.

So, life’s little lessons for today are;

1) Carry all my gear even if I don’t think I will need it.

2) After being hit by a freak wave, clean my lens, or at least check it!

I hope others can learn from my mistakes also. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day 302 – Life’s Little Lessons

  1. I must admit, I did chuckle when I read about your key event, as if I was you in that position I would have found it quite funny too! 🙂 Still great photos, the colours are so strong, and you gotta thank the clouds for helping with that!

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