Day 308 – Edge Of The Clouds

Almost went far enough south to get around the clouds and spot the sun this morning. Here’s hoping that those clouds or the ones following may contain some form of severe weather – preferably lighting. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 308 – Edge Of The Clouds

  1. Hi Ian ! Hey, what is your shutter speed here? I rented a Singh Ray ND that is comparable to your Lee Big Stopper, but just couldn’t figure it out !! I thought perhaps I could learn from the master. Thanks! Emily aka Bella

    • Hi Emily, I would not call me the master… lol – lets just say lots of experience. 🙂
      For this particular shot shutter was1.6 seconds, I did not use my big stopper as it was pretty dark already with the clouds. I did however use a 3 stop hard ND grad over the sky and a 2 stop soft grad, pushed further down to get a slower shutter speed.
      This styled shot is more about getting the timing right with the wave action. Most times I will wait for the wave to come right up to the tripod, and then release the shutter. I usually aim for anywhere between 1 to 2 second exposure for something like this depending on the wave action etc.
      If you don’t have a variety of ND filters, a cheap option to have a play with different strengths may be to buy a cokin filter set (or cheap copy) on eBay. You can then work out what works for you, and then buy good quality versions of those particular filters if you want. I have not tried any of these though, but I am talking about something like this –
      Let me know if I can help with anything, or explain something in more detail. I can be reached by email –

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