Day 340 – Something Fishy

Samyang 8mm Fisheye Beach Test

I didn’t want to get my feet wet – you know that isn’t going to last for long!

My travel kit for landscapes is now complete… that is of course until I upgrade to a full frame camera shortly. 🙂 With the addition of a Samyang 8mm fish-eye lens and a Sirui T1005X 5 section tripod, my gear lust hopefully will be non-existent for a little while.

The Samyang fish-eye is a full manual lens, requiring both aperture and focus to be set manually on the lens. There are 2 ‘downsides’ that I can see some people would say to the lens; 1 – you can not use filters for the lens due to it being so wide (about 167° on Canon crop bodies and a full 180° view on Nikon and other crop sensor bodies), and 2 – you have to get in really close for a subject to fill the frame. Samyang is very well-known for exceptional quality manual lenses at great prices, so if you have not checked their range out yet, make sure you do.

Sirui’s T1005X tripod is amazingly small. Shown in some of the pictures below is my full size Manffrotto 055XPROB tripod along side, which is huge in comparison. The Sirui folds down to about 34cm in length, extends to over 1.4m tall (with ball head), and only weighs 1kg. I did a lot of research on travel tripods, and my main reason for going with this one was that even though it is small… it can still support 10kg making it very sturdy for longer exposures, or for use with my Nodal Ninja panoramic head.

Now everything fits into a compact Lowepro Passport Sling bag. Tripod, camera with lens attached, an additional lens, Lowepro S&F filter pouch 100 (with an assortment of Lee and Hitech filters), along with spare batteries and cards. Not shown is my camera, and my Nodal Ninja NN5, which I also plan on cramming in there somewhere. I think this will be the perfect travel kit for me.

19 thoughts on “Day 340 – Something Fishy

  1. I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one that thinks one tripod is not enough. Love that travel one that you located, and after getting some twist style tripods, I’ve learned to really appreciate the folding clasp that Manfrotto has. You have the tripod of theirs that I’m lusting for now. The Lowepro sling bag is awesome and you’ll be amazed just how much you can fit into it. I tried the backpack way and hated it. You’ve got me on the fisheye lens though. I have no desire for that one. 🙂

    • Lol. I now have 3 full size tripods and 3 different heads – plus 4 Joby gorillapods that I just received (ordered 2, received 4 due to a mistake & got to keep the lot), plus numerous light stands…. I’m well supported! 😀 I do favor the clasps on the Manfrotto, especially since I always have my tripods buried in sand or knee deep in salt water… hehe. Very happy with how the sling bag works, but I think I will still prefer my larger backpacks for lugging all my gear from airport to airport – this will just be my day tripping bag. Not a fan of the fish-eye look? Next time I probably wouldn’t distort the horizon so much by having close to the centre of the frame, but I do like how much you can fit in. 🙂

      • Now I have gear envy completely. Agreed about a backpack for travel, the sling is perfect for day outings. You can always send one ofyour extra gorillapods to me. 🙂
        For the fisheye thing, I’m an oxymoron. I like fisheye photos, I just not inclined to create them. Happy day!

  2. We have such amazing coastal scenery in Australia, I can never get enough of it and you make such interestingly different compositions of it. Where will you be travelling and how much of your photo gear are you taking? Congrats on the mention in the WP Daily Post, that’s where I found you

    • Australia is so beautiful and I think myself very lucky for living so close to the coast. Thanks so much for the kind words too.
      I am off to Thailand this time for a few weeks, and while wanting to travel light, I will most likely ‘limit’ myself to a camera body, 4-5 lenses, filters, the 2 tripods in the photos, my panorama head, a laptop for some processing and downloading photos, along with a compact camera for those odd times I don’t feel like lugging my DSLR around. It sounds like way too much after writing it all down… hmmm 😀

      • You nhave your priorities right, you can always buy very cheap anything else you need over there. Don’t need many clothes in Thailand…
        I love Thailand, looking forward to the photos

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