Day 343 – Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013

Sydney New Years 2013 21

Happy New Year!!!

I managed to tick another item off my bucket list by welcoming in a new year, in what I think is one of the most beautiful an iconic harbours in the world… Sydney Harbour.

As friends opened the door and welcomed me into their apartment, I was greeted with the magnificent panoramic view of what McMahons Point has to offer.

Sydney New Years 2013 02

Of course shortly after that the beer was flowing, and so were the tequila shots as I learnt the rules of the house. A boat cruising past the front door, 2 trains on the bridge or 2 rivercats on the harbour, 3 helicopters, 4 water taxis, 5 ferries, 6 Luna Park rides going at the same time, 7 harbour cruises, 9 sailboats or 10 seagulls on the edge of the pool all required a shot. Then there was the attempted re-creation of the Opera House from lime wedges… the things you do for fun! 😀

Sydney New Years 2013 03

The anticipation grew as the sun set, and the harbour filled with boats all wanting a front row seat to the fireworks spectacular that Sydney in renowned for. The early show looked more like a trial run, and was just a tease to the main event that let loose as soon as the clock struck midnight, and we said hello to 2013.

A massive welcome and thank you to all who have recently begun to follow my work. I have received so many wonderful comments in the last week. I have not had a chance to read all of them and check out your page, but I will make time by the end of the week. A huge thanks must go out to WordPress for featuring my site, along with those that have re-blogged posts on their site.

To my longtime followers, thank you for all your kind words and support in 2012. I hope I can keep things interesting in 2013, and continue to grow and push myself to get that awesome shot to share with you.

Best wishes for everyone for 2013.

Sydney New Years 2013 22

44 thoughts on “Day 343 – Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013

  1. Amazing photography. I have yet to learn the correct settings for fireworks – mine just looked like streaks of light!! Congratulations on inspirational work. Abundant blessings wished for you.

    • Thanking you! Fireworks can be a little tricky at times I must agree… It is mostly trial & error really, but worry too much about your settings and the show is all over! 😀 I shot most of these fireworks between f8 to f10 and at ISO 160 to 200 from memory. All were shot in bulb mode with a remote trigger. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you, Ian. That’s very kind of you. I appreciate it greatly. I don’t think I’ve got remote trigger, but I can work out all the rest. Bless you.

    • Thank you! As I said in the previous comment reply, I shot most of these fireworks between f8 to f10 and at ISO 160 to 200 from memory. All were shot in bulb mode with a remote trigger. I only opened the shutter for a few seconds at the maximum… really only for one burst of light. I did get a couple that were overexposed, but most ended up being usable. I also shoot in raw which helps a lot. Would gladly answer any other questions that I can to help. 😀

  2. Thanks from me to WordPress for showing off your blog 🙂
    The fireworks images are pretty fantastic and had me saying ‘wow’, but then I saw your boat trails image (The Aftermath?!) which almost left me lost for words. Magical!

    • Thanks Noeline. The boat trails image was a lucky one… I was just about to pack up my gear and then they re-opened the harbour to boats. Next thing I see hundreds of boats – heading home I guess, coming under the bridge. I quickly adjusted for a longer exposure… and there you have it! An instant favorite of mine. 🙂

  3. You were so lucky to have such a front row seat for those amazing fire works. Good old Sydney harbour bridge always puts on a fantastic show. What a great way to starty the new year. BTW my partner Jack is very proud to have been born the same year they opened the bridge, now work that one out…

  4. Great shots Iam! I have to agree – Sydney harbour is stunning. You have captured some of the most amazing NYE shots. They are beyond stunning! Oh how I miss being in Sydney for new years!

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