Day 348 – A Taste Of Zeavola


I have just landed at Zeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi Don Island, Thailand… and Wow! I hope you all forgive me for not writing much right now, for I am off to see what other luxuries Zeavola has to offer. Expect a full report when I arrive home though.

I have a few posts to do since this is my first reliable internet connection that I have had for a little while, so maybe I can catch up from my private hideaway tomorrow. 😀

A Taste Of Zeavola

8 thoughts on “Day 348 – A Taste Of Zeavola

  1. Looks really tough.(!) Will be great to see your images as the trip unfolds. If you have time during or after it would be good to hear how you are getting on with your kit (and which kit) in the tropics, as warm and potentially wet presents it’s own challenges.

    • It was so tough… 😀 Well, internet connections seemed bad at the best of times for my trip, so I pretty much gave up in the end. I should start putting up some photos today though.
      I will have to do a bit of a review of my gear I think. No massive issues, but I am careful about the massive changes in temperatures between air conditioned rooms and outside, and always have silica gel packs in my bags.

    • It was ok I guess… 😀 Seriously… It was that terrible we had to stay another day! 😀 It wasn’t humid at all… there was a strong breeze for most of our time there though. Cocktails help cool things down too.

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