Day 350 – Spend A Day On Phi Phi

Loh Dalam Bay


Do yourself a favor and find a nice quiet spot on the beach of Loh Dalam Bay. From here you can truly admire Phi Phi Island, and marvel at those beautiful rich blues and greens that work so well together. Look past all the tourists and block out everything else in life, you don’t have to look far to find beauty here.


Loh Dalam Bay Zeavola 4 Long Tail Boat


Take a stroll along the white sand, and you will no doubt see a long-tail boat or 7. Pause and take at least a second to soak in the view… Suddenly all those idyllic postcards come to life right in front of you.


Loh Dalam Bay Long Tail Boats


Barter a deal and jump aboard a long-tail or ‘taxi boat’, for your own private tour of wherever you wish to go. Bamboo Island is a favorite close by destination of mine for its crystal clear water. Swimming and soaking up the sun after finding a slice of paradise on a private little beach is just a bonus.


Bamboo IslandBamboo Island Beach


Looking at the time, I know there is one more stop I want to make. A short trek back to the boat, and I have to wake up the captain… sleeping under a tree, with a foam esky lid as a pillow – ahhh the simple life!


Phi Phi Island CliffsPhi Phi Cliffs


Cruising to the next stop, I am again awestruck with the huge cliffs that jut out of the ocean everywhere you look… then you arrive at Maya Bay – ‘The Beach’

Entering Maya Bay


Having visited here a few times on my last trip to Phi Phi, I left my visit this time to later on in the day in the hope of avoiding the plague of people ferried by speedboats from around Thailand. It sort of worked out, and there were definitely fewer people than most times I have seen. Time to kick back and enjoy a beer or two.

Maya Bay BeachMaya Bay


Drift away, and imagine how perfect it would be if no one else was around. If only those 50 people were not in my photo, and the dozen speedboats were not here…

Maya Bay Long Tail BoatThe Beach at Maya Bay


I must admit… there is something special about having one of the worlds most famous beaches pretty much to yourself.


Maya Bay Deserted

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