Day 354 – On The Line

On The Line

Another sunrise, and another day of getting soaking wet! It’s all for a good cause right? I changed my mind at the last-minute for a location today, but I am glad that I did. I found another little spot that I really like and I think works for me. The poor guy fishing was not having as much luck it seemed, and kept on getting snagged on the rocks.

I think I went in a bit too cautious – exposure wise, with the blown highlights from yesterday in the back of my mind. It was hard to level out with dark storm clouds on one side of the frame, and the sun rising on the other. I did manage to pull a little bit more detail out of the clouds without going for the HDR software.

5 thoughts on “Day 354 – On The Line

  1. Great picture Ian, the lone fisherman balances that side of the image nicely.
    You did well with the great contrast difference in the sky.
    Again, I love the long exposure effect of the water.

    • Thanks…. The fisherman definitely makes a huge difference and makes the image. I couldn’t capture the feeling I wanted, and then the next thing he walks right into my frame – perfect – now hold still for me! hehe.

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