Day 357 – Zeavola Resort

Zeavola Living Area View

Zeavola Resort on Phi Phi Island, Thailand, is the ultimate in luxurious accommodation and an exclusive private hideaway from the world of bustling tourists that the area has become known for. Zeavola Beach Bar

With a unique blend of classic Thai and modern architecture, each of the villas offer a private oasis to escape to, when you are not enjoying the white sand between your toes. Also, the choice of villas ranging from Village or Garden suites up to the Beachfront or Pool Villas make sure there is one for all tastes.

We just had to stay in a Pool Villa Suite of course… and I think everyone should experience the Zeavola lifestyle this way for sure!

The lush gardens surrounding the pathways are also a pleasure to walk through on your way to grab some of the tasty food on offer, or of course, a cocktail or 3 and to relax your way into the night on the beach.

Zeavola Beach Under A Full Moon

The entire Zeavola team are fantastic, and do everything possible to make your stay more enjoyable. From the restaurant and bar staff who greet you as though you are long-lost friends, to the grounds staff who are always offering a cheerful smile and hello as you pass.  A special thanks to Ruby, who spent hours trying to change our flights so we could stay another day… a huge thank you! 😀

And of course I will leave you with one last photo, a 360 degree view (click for a larger image) from the open living room verandah. If only I could wake up here every day. Visit

Zeavola Pool Villa Suite 360 Panorama

10 thoughts on “Day 357 – Zeavola Resort

  1. My goodness ! Where have I been? I’ve been freezing cold with high winds and light snow flurries. All the while I could have been here having a tropical escape with you Ian. Fabulous photos ! I love how you created such a unique perspective in each of them.

    • Don’t feel too bad. I arrived back home to a flooding east cost with bush fires down south. We love extremes here in Australia – If you are going to do it… go big! It’s pretty much how I take holidays too as you can see. Well if like, you can go now, and I guess I will have to go back to show you around! 🙂 Thanks for thinking the photos are ok too. 😀

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