Day 358 – Tourist Trapped In Thailand

Koh Samui Airport

My experience of Koh Samui, although short, was a very mixed bag. It looks like a very beautiful spot – when it’s not pouring raining that is!

A few quiet-ish drinks at Ark Bar after a long day of traveling, and looking around it seems this place is one big party… Awesome. Lets get in some good sleep tonight, and have a huge one tomorrow.

It’s morning… and it’s raining. We thought we would still make the most of our time and get in a spot of shopping in between the shelter of bars of course. That was until we were stopped by a very enthusiastic Brit on a scooter offering a scratch card, and wouldn’t you know it we win a chance at a free holiday, an Ipad or cold hard cash! All we had to do is go and have a look at a new hotel they were building – But it’s not time share.  🙂 We figured it was raining, and the beach was out so why not, and next thing you know we are sitting through a very time share like presentation, I had to laugh.

After the escape from the “not a time share” presentation, we got in a spot of shopping between showers, and grabbed a bite to eat at The Coffee Club… that was mistake number 2 for the day for myself. A short time after and I was giving the bathroom a very close inspection. Hmmm… So much for partying the night away.

You know what – the airport is very nice. 🙂  Koh Samui – You may have won this time… but I will be back – and I am a little wiser to your ways now. My advice to you… If a bloke rides up to you on a scooter and hands you a scratchie… tell him where to go. Oh… and don’t eat the fish.

6 thoughts on “Day 358 – Tourist Trapped In Thailand

  1. Love the little story snippet here, Ian.

    “But it’s not a time share… and next thing you know we are sitting through a very time share like presentation…”

    That got a laugh out of me.

    Sorry you didn’t get the experience you were expecting. Maybe next time! 😉

    • Glad it makes others laugh too! Thanks. 😀

      I was OK with not having the perfect experience in Koh Samui…Just seeing the potential made me decide I will definitely go back there. Plus I now have my first time share story to tell.

    • We all get sucked in from time to time, and you are right Adrian… it is part of the experience. Thailand does have a lot of ‘experiences’ for those that are not careful – most of which I have seen people get caught out by or been caught out myself. lol… fun times. 🙂

    • Lol – Sure did. It was 7 nights in Koh Samui. But you know what…. after reading the fine print and realizing that you had to attend another ‘presentation’ along with other conditions, the piece of paper it was printed on suddenly became too heavy to pack, and had to be left behind… Such a shame! 😀

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