Day 359 – A Few Days Missing

Colour Returning

Some crazy weather we have been having!

I have still been out taking photos, just have not seem to have had a chance to post any up. The colours this morning were almost unnatural. I actually increased the green tint and dulled down the purple in the image above.  Made for the first half decent sunrise I have seen in a while.

The weekend involved a fairly impromptu light painting outing with fellow photographer Dan Murphy. Unfortunately everywhere we went had flooded roads that were closed due to the recent cyclonic conditions. We still managed to get a few shots in utilizing a flooded section of roadway.

And since I have been so slack I will post another sunrise image I captured yesterday.

Boambee Beach Sunrise Wash

11 thoughts on “Day 359 – A Few Days Missing

  1. These are all amazing images Ian. I can’t even imagine how long it took for your friend and you to set up for “Flooding in”. That is a fantastic image! And I can see you practicing moving the light wand in perfect little circles at home. 🙂

    • Thank you Emily. It takes longer to get out of the car and set up the camera, than the actual setup for the image. The hardest thing is getting a location – and somewhere that will work without too many other light sources. Lol… I am guilty of waving lights around at home… only if there is a camera in front of me. I’m not completely crazy I will have you know! 😀

      • Now come on..where’s the fun in that? I would totally practice cool designs to make sure I’ve got them right. I”m sure there’s quite a bit of technique to getting perfect little circles and such.

      • lol… It’s pretty much trialling things as you shoot. Sometimes it works – and sometimes you stuff up a really cool long exposure right at the end and you then start all over again! It’s all good fun though.

    • We got a lot of damage around the area from the wind on Friday afternoon/evening as the storm crossed the coast just to the North, and some nearby areas are still in flood. Myself, and most people I know were lucky and didn’t suffer any damage though. Hope you are staying safe with all the craziness!

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