Day 360 – Change Of Seasons

End Of Summer Days

Summer has ended and Autumn is here… hopefully it also marks the end of the rain as well. 🙂

The above shot is from yesterday, where I managed to get some good shots that were ruined by water spots on my filter. That was bound to happen with where I was and the size of the waves. This one was acceptable to me though, so it becomes my last shot of Summer.

Below is my first shot from Autumn. I tried a different location, but it didn’t quite work out. It was then a race to find a spot as I saw the colour appearing in the sky. It quickly disappeared after this shot, and we have returned to dull grey skies… but at least it’s Friday!

Autumns Arival

16 thoughts on “Day 360 – Change Of Seasons

    • Thanks Mike. I know we are quite lucky here to get warm sunshine most of the time. That is except for the last month of pouring rain of course… what can I say – we like our extremes! 😀

  1. Love both your images Ian. Although, just because of the colours, I would have put the first photo as Autumn and the second photo as Summer. That is why I love nature so much, doesn’t always give you what is expected! 🙂

    • Thank you Roo. I know, I did think that as I posted them… but its the way it was! 😀 Mother Nature always manages to surprise most people I think… you just have to love it!

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