Day 364 – The Spit

The Spit Jetty Gold Coast

In all my time on the Gold Coast, I have never visited the sand pumping jetty at The Spit. I decided to make the effort this morning and make my way down there nice and early to catch the sunrise, and hope that the weather was on my side. Much to my disappointment, I knew the clouds on the horizon would kill any chance of getting some nice colour in the sky, but figured it would be a good opportunity to get some longer exposures with the Big Stopper.

15 thoughts on “Day 364 – The Spit

    • Thanks Emily. I thought I better have a bit of a walk around since I have not shot there before. I do like having the different perspectives, but couldn’t decide on a favorite one either… so I posted 3 🙂

  1. Nice Ian, I haven’t shot there either although I have thought of shooting the light at the end of the break there, however this requires getting out of bed a half hour ealier, so much easier to just go to Burleigh…catch up for a coffee one morning.

    • Thanks Andrew! Haha… I can understand what the extra half an hour of sleep is worth with all these early mornings! 😀 I will have to let you know next time I am on the coast, and catch up for a shoot for sure.

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