Full Framed


As a present to myself, I have jumped into the deep and have purchased a full frame camera. My Canon EOS 5D Mark III arrived yesterday after being on back order for 2 weeks.

I’m looking forward to learning what this thing is capable of, and hope to post photos soon! 😀

4 thoughts on “Full Framed

    • Thanks Rebecca. I am loving it at the moment, and really looking forward to seeing how nice it is for portraits. I loved the images from the Mk II but hated the focus after using the 7D.. this is the best of both worlds! The 1Dx looks insanely quick, and I would definitely purchase if I was a full time photographer… or after I purchase the remaining half dozen or so lenses I want… 😀 For now my 5D III & 7D combo is more than most hobby photogs could dream of so I should be happy right? Why did you have to go and mention the 1Dx? lol

    • I love it so far… so much! 😀 High ISO’s leave the 7D for dead – well I think so anyways. I have also heard of the new 7D and some of the leaked specs look awesome for a sports/wildlife camera indeed – right up your alley attached to that 500L of yours (You know…that one you want to give to me so much?) hehe

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