Galaxy of Stars

Galaxy of Stars

I have wanted to get out and try out some photography of the night skies with the aim of trying to capture the edge of the Milky Way across the sky for a while now. Unfortunately we have had pretty much non stop rain or at very minimum overcast skies here. No fun for me… 😦

However, I did get a chance to attempt it on one night this week, and mainly played around with a few settings to see what worked best. I have a few ideas for this, but will have to wait for the right conditions… go away clouds!

16 thoughts on “Galaxy of Stars

    • Thanks Emily.I am quite lucky, but I want to get out to the country to get some really amazing shots! I have done a few star trails shots a couple of years ago now… but lately, conditions and my schedule never seem to line up if you know what I mean… 😀

  1. Great image Ian, surprising how much the planet moves even in 15 seconds.
    I love shots of the night sky, just wish my camera was up to the job – keep em coming!

    • Thank you! It is very surprising, and makes me dizzy thinking about it. 😀 I would really like to do more night time photography…just every time I plan something… the clouds roll in. I just can’t win sometimes! 🙂

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