A Seat At Sawtell For Sunrise

A Seat At Sawtell For Sunrise.jpg

Another beautiful morning at Sawtell.

This image was a little bit of a tricky one to get to work for me. It is a HDR panorama with a total of 60 images stitched together, but getting it to blend together so it looks reasonable with the light changing so quickly was a new challenge…

7 thoughts on “A Seat At Sawtell For Sunrise

  1. That is so funny. I opened up WP today and thought of you. That I hadn’t seen a post in a while. True, I haven’t been reading much the past few weeks, but here you are! Wonderful image and hope all is going well. Can’t believe how much work you put into creating this one.

    • Awww Thinking of me… How sweet! 😀 Thanks Emily. All is well, just picking and choosing my images these days. I don’t get on WP as much as I used to, but hopefully I can change that soon. It truly is crazy how much time I put into these multiple image panoramas – but it is getting easier. I guess like anything it is a bit of a learning curve. Hope all is well in Bella world. 🙂

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