Sunrise Explosion

Buster Sunrise Explosion

I decided to take the ‘old’ 7D for an outing this morning, and found a nice explosion of colour at my favorite spot in Woolgoolga, just north of Coffs.

It’s amazing how much cleaner I find the files from the 5D mk III, but no matter what, it still was another beautiful sunrise to witness.

Happy Hump Day! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Sunrise Explosion

  1. Another corker Ian, loving the colours.

    What’s the story with the wreck?
    We have a beach in Wales (Rhossili) with a wreck but not as good as this.

    • Thanking you!

      This is from one of my other Buster posts;
      The Buster beached itself after breaking free of 2 anchors and a buoy during wild weather on 17/2/1893 – 119 years ago, and is usually mostly covered in sand. It has been showing itself around every 3 years after heavy rain and large tides wash away the sand. The final resting place of the Buster is about 1km north of Woolgoolga on the main beach near Lakeside Caravan Park.

      A few facts about Buster
      Built: 1884 in Nova Scotia, Parrsboro, Canada
      Construction: Wood
      Type of vessel: Sailing vessel – Barquentine with 3 masts
      Voyage: Sydney to New Zealand via Woolgoolga

      Here are some of my other photos of The Buster shipwreck if you haven’t seen them already –

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