Vittorio ‘Vic’ Spagnolo

A Sunrise For Pop

Vittorio Spagnolo, son of Domenico and Vittoria, was born on the 4th of November 1930 in Rotzo/Albaredo, Italy. He was a twin, to brother Primo, and had two older sisters – Mattea and Maria. Later two brothers joined the family – Matteo and Riccardo

In 1949 he boarded the ‘Napoli’ and set sail for Australia. He arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on his 19th birthday. He then took the boat to Sydney, New South Wales, and then the train to Coffs Harbour.

He married Silvia in 1954, and had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Renato, Anthony, Julie, Sandra, David, and Michael. He also has 13 loving grandchilden – Nicholas, Mark, Ian (myself), Luke, Tim, Lauren, Courtney, Georgina, Gabrielle, Dannielle, James, Tomas and Cassie.

Vittorio passed away on 23/9/2013 and leaves behind a much-loved family that already miss him dearly. Today we all say goodbye to the man affectionately known to all as Pop.

The Spagnolo/Richardson family would like to thank the entire staff at the Coffs Harbour Health Campus, and especially the intensive care unit for the care and compassion showed to Vittorio and the visiting family and friends.

Miss you Pop. Lots of love.


11 thoughts on “Vittorio ‘Vic’ Spagnolo

  1. Sorry to hear of your families loss. Such a nice tribute. (On a lighter side I can see where you boys got your good looks from!)

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