Inside Mýrdalsjökull

Inside Mýrdalsjökull

While I was tripping around Mýrdalsjökull glacier here in Iceland, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot an ice cave. The brief period I was there I was in awe. The textures, curves and colours blew me away and was unlike anything I have ever seen, while the play on light coming though the ice and reflecting from the entrance left me wanting to discover every ice cave and photograph them all…. wow! This place just gets better and better every day.

18 thoughts on “Inside Mýrdalsjökull

  1. Dear Ian, we are a group friends departing for Iceland in a month…we are desperately trying to understand where we can find ice caves..After searching for a while, thanks to your picture we have just discovered that Skaftafell is not the only place to find them….You are the living proof of that….It’s so nice to know that just few steps from Skogafoss there’s another interesting glacier, myrdalsjokull, where we can find them….more or less i have seen that just some km east of skogafoss there should be a short f road ( F221 am i right? ) which takes you from the ring road to the car parking at the base of the glacier….but than, from that point…could you please give us some advices? in particular do you think that to reach them we need special equipment? thank you very much, we really hope you can help us,…..have a good day!! Moyan

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