Summer Is Coming

Niyama Resort Maldives Beach

Ok – so I haven’t exactly been regularly posting for a long time now due to a number of factors… but I’m back baby!

Finally I have rebuilt my desktop computer with what should be enough power to loom over a small pacific nation. New hardware, new operating system, and now one of those Adobe Creative Cloud people too… everything is so fresh and shiny and has that new car smell to it.

While having new stuff is always fun… what I am really looking forward to is going back through all the photos I have just been storing for the last 18 months or more, and finding what hidden gems I have. I know there are some rather large panoramas sitting on my hard drive that I can’t wait to see.

Oh… and of course Summer is coming. Very much looking forward to serious catch up time with some sun, surf and sand.

5 thoughts on “Summer Is Coming

  1. G’day Ian and welcome back. Today really does feel like summer is coming after a week of showers and cool winds along our coast. Your photo certainly sets the season to come…

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