Busting Out Another Sunrise

Buster Sunrise

Morning all! I have definitely still been out and about taking photos… But it has been a busy month or so off after finishing my project 365.

I am severely missing having an ultra wide-angle lens that I can use filters on since stepping up to the 5D III, as I do like to shoot wideeeeeeee. Hopefully I can fix this problem soon!

Hope to stop by some other blogs today too, to see what you have all been up to and reply to comments from while I have been away… oh WordPress – how I have missed you! πŸ˜€


Galaxy of Stars

Galaxy of Stars

I have wanted to get out and try out some photography of the night skies with the aim of trying to capture the edge of the Milky Way across the sky for a while now. Unfortunately we have had pretty much non stop rain or at very minimum overcast skies here. No fun for me… 😦

However, I did get a chance to attempt it on one night this week, and mainly played around with a few settings to see what worked best. I have a few ideas for this, but will have to wait for the right conditions… go away clouds!

Full Framed


As a present to myself, I have jumped into the deep and have purchased a full frame camera. My Canon EOS 5D Mark III arrived yesterday after being on back order for 2 weeks.

I’m looking forward to learning what this thing is capable of, and hope to post photos soon! πŸ˜€

Day 365 – The End

Coffs Jetty Marina Sunrise

Well… it’s finally here – the end of my Project 365! Even though it has finished late, better late than never right? I held off posting my last post for the project because I wanted to finish on a high if I could. So I have been waiting for a nice sunrise like today provided, and even managed to get in some light painting over the weekend.

What better way to end with where I started on day 1 – at the Coffs Harbour Jetty. The only problem is I had 2 photos from this morning taken 7 minutes apart that I liked, and I couldn’t decide which to post,Β  so I will leave it up to you to decide which one you like more. The earlier one was at the start of the post, and here is the one just after sunrise.

Coffs Jetty Marina Sunburst

A massive thank you to everyone for their support, comments, and likes throughout my extended Project 365.Β  πŸ˜€

365 Sunrise

Day 364 – The Spit

The Spit Jetty Gold Coast

In all my time on the Gold Coast, I have never visited the sand pumping jetty at The Spit. I decided to make the effort this morning and make my way down there nice and early to catch the sunrise, and hope that the weather was on my side. Much to my disappointment, I knew the clouds on the horizon would kill any chance of getting some nice colour in the sky, but figured it would be a good opportunity to get some longer exposures with the Big Stopper.

Day 363 – Drifted


There seems to be no shortage of debris lying around thanks to the recent storms. It was lucky that the sun managed to find a gap in the clouds too, as it was raining when I managed to capture this shot.

I didn’t like this image 100% when I initially took it yesterday, but looking at it on something a little larger than my cameras LCD screen, it looks a whole lot better!

Day 362 – Stay A Little Longer

Stay A Little Longer

One of my biggest mistakes when starting out in my photographic journey was leaving after I thought the best light had passed. I now make sure I stay a little longer, because like this morning, a dull grey sunrise can quickly throw a splash of colour out for a moment and make things a little more interesting.

Day 361 – Endless


Lately my Project 365 has been seeming like it will never end. Even being so close to the finish… every time I seem to go out, something is against me to get anything post worthy. I guess sometimes you just have to push that little further for a little inspiration – or is that just me? πŸ™‚

Day 360 – Change Of Seasons

End Of Summer Days

Summer has ended and Autumn is here… hopefully it also marks the end of the rain as well. πŸ™‚

The above shot is from yesterday, where I managed to get some good shots that were ruined by water spots on my filter. That was bound to happen with where I was and the size of the waves. This one was acceptable to me though, so it becomes my last shot of Summer.

Below is my first shot from Autumn. I tried a different location, but it didn’t quite work out. It was then a race to find a spot as I saw the colour appearing in the sky. It quickly disappeared after this shot, and we have returned to dull grey skies… but at least it’s Friday!

Autumns Arival

Day 359 – A Few Days Missing

Colour Returning

Some crazy weather we have been having!

I have still been out taking photos, just have not seem to have had a chance to post any up. The colours this morning were almost unnatural. I actually increased the green tint and dulled down the purple in the image above.Β  Made for the first half decent sunrise I have seen in a while.

The weekend involved a fairly impromptu light painting outing with fellow photographer Dan Murphy. Unfortunately everywhere we went had flooded roads that were closed due to the recent cyclonic conditions. We still managed to get a few shots in utilizing a flooded section of roadway.

And since I have been so slack I will post another sunrise image I captured yesterday.

Boambee Beach Sunrise Wash

Day 358 – Tourist Trapped In Thailand

Koh Samui Airport

My experience of Koh Samui, although short, was a very mixed bag. It looks like a very beautiful spot – when it’s not pouring raining that is!

A few quiet-ish drinks at Ark Bar after a long day of traveling, and looking around it seems this place is one big party… Awesome. Lets get in some good sleep tonight, and have a huge one tomorrow.

It’s morning… and it’s raining. We thought we would still make the most of our time and get in a spot of shopping in between the shelter of bars of course. That was until we were stopped by a very enthusiastic Brit on a scooter offering a scratch card, and wouldn’t you know it we win a chance at a free holiday, an Ipad or cold hard cash! All we had to do is go and have a look at a new hotel they were building – But it’s not time share.Β  πŸ™‚ We figured it was raining, and the beach was out so why not, and next thing you know we are sitting through a very time share like presentation, I had to laugh.

After the escape from the “not a time share” presentation, we got in a spot of shopping between showers, and grabbed a bite to eat at The Coffee Club… that was mistake number 2 for the day for myself. A short time after and I was giving the bathroom a very close inspection. Hmmm… So much for partying the night away.

You know what – the airport is very nice. πŸ™‚Β  Koh Samui – You may have won this time… but I will be back – and I am a little wiser to your ways now. My advice to you… If a bloke rides up to you on a scooter and hands you a scratchie… tell him where to go. Oh… and don’t eat the fish.

Day 357 – Zeavola Resort

Zeavola Living Area View

Zeavola Resort on Phi Phi Island, Thailand, is the ultimate in luxurious accommodation and an exclusive private hideaway from the world of bustling tourists that the area has become known for. Zeavola Beach Bar

With a unique blend of classic Thai and modern architecture, each of the villas offer a private oasis to escape to, when you are not enjoying the white sand between your toes. Also, the choice of villas ranging from Village or Garden suites up to the Beachfront or Pool Villas make sure there is one for all tastes.

We just had to stay in a Pool Villa Suite of course… and I think everyone should experience the Zeavola lifestyle this way for sure!

The lush gardens surrounding the pathways are also a pleasure to walk through on your way to grab some of the tasty food on offer, or of course, a cocktail or 3 and to relax your way into the night on the beach.

Zeavola Beach Under A Full Moon

The entire Zeavola team are fantastic, and do everything possible to make your stay more enjoyable. From the restaurant and bar staff who greet you as though you are long-lost friends, to the grounds staff who are always offering a cheerful smile and hello as you pass.Β  A special thanks to Ruby, who spent hours trying to change our flights so we could stay another day… a huge thank you! πŸ˜€

And of course I will leave you with one last photo, a 360 degree view (click for a larger image) from the open living room verandah. If only I could wake up here every day. Visit www.zeavola.com

Zeavola Pool Villa Suite 360 Panorama

Day 356 – Weathered


Well, after attempting to get the shot I wanted for 2 mornings in a row, this was about the best that I could come up with. Sometime mother nature just won’t play the game for me…Β  πŸ™‚

Day 355 – Mornings Like These

Mornings Like These

It’s mornings like these that make me glad that I dragged myself out of bed in the dark… Happy Monday! πŸ˜€

Day 354 – On The Line

On The Line

Another sunrise, and another day of getting soaking wet! It’s all for a good cause right? I changed my mind at the last-minute for a location today, but I am glad that I did. I found another little spot that I really like and I think works for me. The poor guy fishing was not having as much luck it seemed, and kept on getting snagged on the rocks.

I think I went in a bit too cautious – exposure wise, with the blown highlights from yesterday in the back of my mind. It was hard to level out with dark storm clouds on one side of the frame, and the sun rising on the other. I did manage to pull a little bit more detail out of the clouds without going for the HDR software.

Day 353 – Washed Away

Washed Away

I came very close to getting washed away a few times again this morning. In the end I didn’t even get the image I had imagined in my head, but I did like this one even though the sun has some blown highlights.

Processing of this photo was done a little different to my usual quick conversion. It’s a pseudo HDR image – that is a HDR photo created from a single raw image file, not multiple bracketed shots –Β  I converted the raw file into 4 16 bit tiff files with DPP using multiple exposure values (-2 -1 0 and +1), the four files were then processed in Photomatix, and final editing was done in Photoshop. Seems like a lot of work for one photo to me. πŸ˜€

Day 352 – A Wave Caught My Eye

A Wave Caught My Eye

This image caught my eye when flicking through my photos from this morning. I like the line the little wave formed, and it’s always nice to have something that adds a little interest in the foreground.

Day 351 – Can’t Help But Feel Lucky

Lucky Sunrise

I can’t help but feel a little lucky this week when I look at where I live. Maybe I just missed the early mornings while I was on holidays. I did get to witness this spectacular sunrise, so that did help a little.

Lucky Sunrise Colours

Day 350 – Spend A Day On Phi Phi

Loh Dalam Bay


Do yourself a favor and find a nice quiet spot on the beach of Loh Dalam Bay. From here you can truly admire Phi Phi Island, and marvel at those beautiful rich blues and greens that work so well together. Look past all the tourists and block out everything else in life, you don’t have to look far to find beauty here.


Loh Dalam Bay Zeavola 4 Long Tail Boat


Take a stroll along the white sand, and you will no doubt see a long-tail boat or 7. Pause and take at least a second to soak in the view… Suddenly all those idyllic postcards come to life right in front of you.


Loh Dalam Bay Long Tail Boats


Barter a deal and jump aboard a long-tail or ‘taxi boat’, for your own private tour of wherever you wish to go. Bamboo Island is a favorite close by destination of mine for its crystal clear water. Swimming and soaking up the sun after finding a slice of paradise on a private little beach is just a bonus.


Bamboo IslandBamboo Island Beach


Looking at the time, I know there is one more stop I want to make. A short trek back to the boat, and I have to wake up the captain… sleeping under a tree, with a foam esky lid as a pillow – ahhh the simple life!


Phi Phi Island CliffsPhi Phi Cliffs


Cruising to the next stop, I am again awestruck with the huge cliffs that jut out of the ocean everywhere you look… then you arrive at Maya Bay – ‘The Beach’

Entering Maya Bay


Having visited here a few times on my last trip to Phi Phi, I left my visit this time to later on in the day in the hope of avoiding the plague of people ferried by speedboats from around Thailand. It sort of worked out, and there were definitely fewer people than most times I have seen. Time to kick back and enjoy a beer or two.

Maya Bay BeachMaya Bay


Drift away, and imagine how perfect it would be if no one else was around. If only those 50 people were not in my photo, and the dozen speedboats were not here…

Maya Bay Long Tail BoatThe Beach at Maya Bay


I must admit… there is something special about having one of the worlds most famous beaches pretty much to yourself.


Maya Bay Deserted

Day 349 – Back To The Start In Phuket

Patong Beach Sunset

Sitting back watching the sunset over Patong beach, with the locals playing soccer on the beach, and a person parasails overhead.

Finding a reliable internet connection proved to be a hassle while traveling, so I am going back to the start of my trip over the next few days and going though some photos. Our first stop was Phuket, where we stayed at Baan Laimai Beach Resort in Patong.

While being in a great location opposite Patong Beach, the little touches make all the difference, and I don’t think I would stay here again with much better hotels close by – for just a little more cash. I would however recommend the food from the restaurant, and the live band was fantastic. There was plenty of shopping, catching up with friends from other trips to Phuket, lazing on the beach, and kicking back by the pool… what a way to start a holiday.

We spent our last day in Phuket down at Karon, and witnessed a couple getting some wedding shots on sunset. It drew quite a crowd of onlookers, and a few saw it as an opportunity to borrow a reflector from the photographers for an impromptu model shoot… and I had to have a little laugh πŸ™‚ I would imaging the wedding photographers got some great shots with such a beautiful sunset.

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