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Last Sun in Ipanema

Rarely Disappointed at the Jetty

Rarely Disappointed

Ripples In The Sand

Ripples In The Sand

Blood Bath

Blood Bath

Stitched Panorama

Take 2 At Sawtell

Orange Jetty Sunrise

Drawn To The Jetty

Sunrise Over Coffs

Sunrise Over Coffs

Buster Sunrise Explosion

Sunrise Explosion

A Seat At Sawtell For Sunrise.jpg

A Seat At Sawtell For Sunrise

Boardwalk Sunrise

Boardwalk Sunrise

Colour Returning

Day 359 – A Few Days Missing

Mornings Like These

Day 355 – Mornings Like These

On The Line

Day 354 – On The Line

Cloud Movements

Day 316 – Cloud Movements

Edge Of The Clouds

Day 308 – Edge Of The Clouds

Lifes Little Lessons on Boambee Beach

Day 302 – Life’s Little Lessons

Alone - Coffs Harbour Jetty

Day 289 – Alone

Fishing Under A Dramatic Sky

Day 288 – Under A Dramatic Sky


Day 287 – Backwash

Cloudy Sunrise

Day 281 – Finally Some Clouds