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Rarely Disappointed at the Jetty

Rarely Disappointed


The Troll


Merry Xmas… Time To Get Serious Again

Path to Happiness

Path to Happiness

Ripples In The Sand

Ripples In The Sand

Stitched Panorama

Take 2 At Sawtell

First Light

First Light

Orange Jetty Sunrise

Drawn To The Jetty

Sunrise Over Coffs

Sunrise Over Coffs

Buster Sunrise Explosion

Sunrise Explosion

A Seat At Sawtell For Sunrise.jpg

A Seat At Sawtell For Sunrise

Boardwalk Sunrise

Boardwalk Sunrise

Buster Sunrise

Busting Out Another Sunrise

365 Sunrise

Day 365 – The End


Day 363 – Drifted

Stay A Little Longer

Day 362 – Stay A Little Longer


Day 361 – Endless

End Of Summer Days

Day 360 – Change Of Seasons

Colour Returning

Day 359 – A Few Days Missing


Day 356 – Weathered